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There’s no doubt that food - whether it’s what to eat, how much to eat or when to

eat it - is a hot topic these days. It can be tricky to know exactly what your body

needs to maintain its’ natural balance, which is essential for helping you to feel fit

and fabulous on a daily basis!  But as well as supporting and maintaining wellbeing

and vitality, what we eat from day to day can also contribute significantly towards

promoting optimal longer-term health. Because food contains the raw ingredients

– quite literally – that our bodies need to work efficiently, our eating habits really

canimpact how we feel, and how easily our systems can process the raw ‘fuel’

that we put in. Certain foods contain nutrients that promote health by allowing

different body systems to work well together, but hectic lifestyles often mean we

end up including items that are less helpful at supporting the body’s natural

equilibrium.  Nutritional Therapy uses the most up-to-date scientific information to

create a personalised, tailor-made approach to diet and lifestyle, by aiming to work

out exactly what your body needs - whatever your age and life stage. As well as helping you to understand the foods that can help you feel fit and energised, it can also help you attain your specific health and wellbeing goals, through use of optional supplements and testing. Find out more here .


So whether you’re struggling with sluggish digestion or not-so-sparkling skin, have niggling aches and pains, feel lethargic, stressed or tired, or are unable to relax or sleep well, why not call, email or book a free 15-minute initial phone consultation to find out more.  Could changing what you eat help to change your life? Click here to find out what others have to say about Nutritional Therapy and the impact it has had on them. 


What is Nutritional Therapy?


An evidence-based discipline, it uses the most recent nutritional science to help promote optimal health and wellbeing. Nutritional Therapy uses the Functional Medicine model to help address underlying nutritional imbalances which may be impacting ill-health, rather than simply focusing on tackling the symptoms. Addressing imbalances and assessing how these may be contributing towards the niggling signs and symptoms which are the clues that our body is not working as optimally as it could be can help to:

                                                                                  *Encourage and support efficient digestion and absorption

                                                                                   *Promote tolerance towards a wide range of foods

                                                                                   *Maintain or support blood sugar balance to benefit energy equilibrium

                                                                                   *Promote immune efficiency and optimise natural detoxification/elimination

*                                                                                 *Support metabolic and hormonal homeostasis


                                                                                The process focuses on you and how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can empower and

                                                                                inspire you to support your body’s natural equilibrium and sense of wellbeing. The positive

                                                                                impact of nutrition on a variety of health issues and conditions has been well documented

                                                                                and demonstrated by extensive, reputable research, however such evidence cannot be listed,                                                                                 so feel free to call or email for further information. 

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